Create something meaningful.
Create something impactful.
Create something memorable.
Create a legacy to outlast time.

My Mission

is to simply capture you in your most beautiful, powerful, enchanting, and full of life moments. You deserve to take a headshot and feel like you’re the CEO, you should have a maternity portrait that when you look at it, you feel the life flowing from you all over again. Your family deserves to be framed and seen every day as you walk down the hallways of your home. My mission is to create the best portraits you’ll love for a lifetime.

My History

Hi, my name is Perry S Edon III and it’s been my pleasure to be a lifestyle portrait photographer for the past 3 years. I truly find so much joy in capturing the essence of who someone is and what they want to showcase. I spend time with my clients crafting their ideal portrait sessions, but I also offer simple and down-to-earth sessions as well because ever so small a voice may be, it should still be heard.

Contact Me

Washington, DC, 20010
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